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Shanah Tovah to Moshe!

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Moshe got back from Camp and went in for the “last” chemo. The doctors informed us that the protocol had been changed and we never knew so ……………………NO MORE CHEMO…………………..a CT scan had been booked for the day. What a dream. I thought the doctor was kidding. Moshe had the scan and ALL GONE. NOTHING! What a blessing! We have been so happy ever since….. Baruch Hashem the scan results showed that Moshe is clear. No more cancer. Bezrat Hashem never!

Moshe has been the bravest soldier during this very hard time of chemo chemo chemo. He was certainly looked after throughout this whole time because it could have been far worse. Moshe understood what had to be done and only gave very little uphill – like when the nurses wanted to take blood through his finger. Then squeeeeeze the finger for more. He has been blessed. We have a beautiful vibrant boy who has survived this ordeal. We have also been blessed with the most amazing support structure here in Joburg. Prayers, davening, tehillim – these certainly made the road for Moshe as it was. Hashem’s hand was seen throughout. Food was delivered daily for the first many months. Moshe was spoilt by friends and family – we now have a great dvd library, psp library and tape library. If you need just call Moshe. The enormous chesed made us feel unbelievable. I could go on and on…..

Celebrations have been ongoing – first with Camp Simcha which was THE MOST AWESOME time ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moshe and Alon had the best time ever. Just look at the links to the pics in earlier posts.

Then Moshe had a SIMCHA TIME party at home with a jumping castle and a mechanical bull –hats and dress up (of course) – KIDS ONLY. The kids had a blast!

We are now making any excuse to celebrate.

We still pray for all those still undergoing treatments and having hard times with their chemo, etc. You are in our thoughts and we pray that you will ALL be well again soon. Amen.

Thanks again for all the support of all of you all the time. Moshe will be having a check up every 6 weeks and a scan every 3 months to start. Bezrat Hashem all will be good. We will keep you updated.

Thanks again.

Have a Shana Tovah – a year of blessings, peace, health and simcha.

With love,
Ezra, Jackie, Daniel, Benji, Moshe, Akiva and Levi

Chemo is over!

Monday, August 24th, 2009

What great news… no more chemo. Change in protocol. What a great surprise when we got to the hospital.

CT scan done instead today.. Still waiting for results. B”H in the morning will get them.

Life will B”H go on now…

Gorgeous pics of Moshe from Camp Simcha.

Love Jackie

Camp Simcha is the best!

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Moshe is having the MOST awesome time ever. Camp Simcha is everything possible that a kid could want to do in the whole world – all in one place.  I cannot even begin to describe. When Moshe comes home he will give a complete report.

The chesed at Camp Simcha is just unbelievable. The fun is unimaginable.

Enjoy the pics, we’ll post more when Moshe gets back.

Alon (Moshe’s counsellor, from Chai Lifeline) has the Adidas cap.

Lots of love,
Jackie & Ezra

Camp Simcha

Sunday, August 9th, 2009
Moshe and Alon at the airport ready to go to Camp Simcha. Can you belive Moshe even took his uni-cycle. Such fun.  Little brother Akiva with them to say farewell.
Moshe and Alon at the airport ready to go to Camp Simcha.
Can you believe Moshe even took his uni-cycle. Such fun.
Little brother Akiva with them to say farewell.

Can you believe. One last chemo b’ezrat Hashem and baruch Hashem we’ll be done.

Hashem has blessed us enormously. Thank you.

Moshe has stayed away from school and anyone not in our family this term – to  keep clear of the mumps and swine flu. One special friend even went and got tested to check if he had immunity to mumps. Can you believe he did not have immunity. Shame – they could not play together. Moshe has been quarantined to keep him well. Bh it worked. We wanted Moshe to go off to Camp Simcha – ‘germ free’ so that he would not spread anything onto the other kids with cancer at the camp – many of whom could have a lower immunity than Moshe.

So Moshe is at Camp Simcha right now – he has been there three and a half days. He flew with his Chai Lifeline counselor, Alon Friedman. Moshe and Alon are having the time of their lives. They were met at the airport by the Camp Simcha team who had with them pizzas, chocolates and sweets (sure, drinks too) for all the kids and their counselors who arrived at the airport at that time. Camp sounds awesome… vending machines with drinks and chocolates and sweets on tap. Arcade Games……Chai Lifeline is unbelievable. The chesed is just amazing. Thank you to Chai Life line and Camp Simcha. Please google Camp Simcha and Chai Lifeline and see what they are upto.  We are awestruck!

Moshe b”H returns after 2 weeks of fun. Recovers from the jet lag and then the very last chemo. Please continue to daven for a complete recovery.

Thank you each and everyone for everything. Really Hashem has sent an army to care, daven and to be with us in this difficult time.

Thank you, everyone, and take care.
Ezra, Jackie, Daniel, Benji, Akiva and Levi

Daddy Ezra and Moshe having a special time.
Look how much hair Moshe has. Do you think he will ever cut it?
When?????! It is still so soft and fluffy.

Camp Simcha here I come!

Friday, August 7th, 2009

B”H Hashem has been good to us. Moshe had his 2nd last chemo. Amazing. Let us pray for good health for everyone, and a refuah shleima for all. :-)

Moshe has been doing home schooling for the last few weeks. We are trying to keep him away from Mumps and all this flu. He is also getting ready for Camp Simcha in New York. Two weeks of the most fun ever with other kids whoa lso have cancer. 100 kids and 100 counsellors. Specialist oncologists to keep a close check on the kids and to give chemo to those who need. Doctors, Chefs who cater to whatever they desire. Camp Simcha is like 2 weeks of Purim. Moshe is going with Alon Friedman, his consellor from South Africa.

When Moshe comes back he will have his LAST chemo. What a ride… B”H all will be well.

Thanks to all of you for your care and support. This has been a huge year. Lfe’s experiences can make us happy or sad, laugh or cry, feel pain or joy. Let us share G-d willing in MANY simchas – to double the simcha -  and when we must share in sad painful times let the pain be halved over and over.

Thanks again for all your sharing and caring. Shabbat shalom!


Ezra, Jackie and the boys

Moshe – feeling great & full of energy!

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

New kid on the block at the Donald Gordon – raising her spirits with HAIR.

Moshe feeling groovy with his baby brother, Levi. Look at that hair! Wavy, soft and gorgeous. What a brocha.

Moshe (having his 3rd last chemo) while visiting his friend Jaimee Lee in the Donald Gordon. Jaimee Lee had an operation on her arm. May she too be healed.

Only 2 more Chemos for Moshe! What a brocha. B”H that is all that we need to make him clear clear clear!!!!! Moshe is feeling well and full of energy!

One chemo on the 21 July and then the last one when he comes back from Camp Simcha. Please look them up on the internet. What amazing chesed and care. B”H Moshe is going for 2 weeks to camp to share with other children who all have their own cancer experiences.

About 6 weeks after Moshes last Chemo he will have a scan. B”H this will be clear. Then he will need routine scans for the next 10 years or so. Please daven that this will all be clear forever and ever.

We all have our challenges – may this be the full extent of ours. May this be the end and the beginning of much simcha….

Please send Moshe a message. He loves to read them.

Have a good winter or summer wherever you are. Be healthy.

Love the Altschuler Family

Yom Ha’Atzmaut

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Moshe in action at Yom Aa’atzmaut straight after chemo. Wow! 4 Chemos to go.We are almost there.

What a blessing. Moshe is doing so well.

Chemo Round 4. Five to go…..and counting….

Monday, April 27th, 2009

We decided to share our Purim paraphernalia with the kids in the Donald Gordon to put smiles on their faces.  They certainly enjoyed the colourful wigs.  The little kids got colourful clown wigs.  So sweet.

Moshe occupies himself while having chemo.  Hashem has given Moshe a special dose this time keeping him feeling well.  What a brocha.  He is tracing all his special coins onto paper and recording their dates.  Hebrew dates he is converting into numbers and converting them into the English year system. Such good mathematics. Converting, subtracting and then a further subtraction.

Moshe is Bh doing well.  Thank you for the continued support.

Moshe is also very excited about Camp Simcha in August.  It is like 2 weeks of Purim.  Imagine.

Write again soon.  More pics coming.

Love The Altschuler Family

Moshe has hair again!

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Moshe has hair again.  What a blessing.  It feels soft like a baby. It is so precious to feel. Moshe is back at school again, even getting up to mischief.

Moshe’s friends are still treating him like precious cargo, allowing him no discomfort.  Even when he is unsure of school work – they ALL come rushing to help. Such Chesed. These are sensitive kids who are inspired to care.  So beautiful.

This week Moshe is back in hospital for chemo. He went in for no. 3 of his maintenance chemo on Wednesday, just for the day. Then bH 6 more to go. Sometimes they are better than others. Let this one be easy. (Like the 1st).

We thank Hashem and all our friends and caring supporters all over the world for caring, sharing and praying for Moshe and for us.

We think all the time and daven for all those other adults and children with cancer, and all other illnesses that cause pain – to people’s bodies, hearts and souls. It is a hard road and the heartache is not easy. But the bright smiles and joyful experiences are really doubled and even quadrupled. The understanding and care from friends and family towards the sick person and his or her immediate family really helps. Warm words and a positive attitude heal us all.

May we all be blessed with health, peace, happiness and safety on our journey of life.

Lots of love,

Jackie, Ezra and the boys

Remember Me?  Look at this hair!!!!!!! Yes it is Moshe!

Moshe at a siyum for Sefer Breishit back at school with all
his friends… Avi, Jacob, Amitai and Gavriel.
What a brocha! What a simcha!

Whoo Hoo – Cleared For Maintenance Phase!

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Hi All,

Sorry for the long delay in posting an update for Moshe.

Moshe completed his last ‘Main’ chemo (where he stays in hospital) on 8 December last year. He then had blood tests 2 weeks later. TG he was told by the doctors that they are very happy with him and he can go on holiday until 7 January when he has to start his Maintenance Chemo and when he is due to have a major scan/MRI of the head/neck region to determine the success of the treatment thus far.

We hurriedly made arrangements to go to Port Elizabeth for 12 days, where Moshe together with the family had a wonderful time. It was the first time in months that he was allowed ro roam free and run and swim to his heart’s delight without the risk of contracting infections.

We returned for the scan and the beginning of his maintenance treatment on 7 January.

The maintenance phase of the chemo treatment is much easier to handle than the previous treatment so Moshe has to go to hospital one day a month for 8 months (only for the day), to have his maintenance chemo intravenously. He is also permitted to go back to school and resume his regular weekly programme
including music lessons and sport.  Moshe’s immunity will still be a bit low for the next year but BH with his fighting spirit he will stay strong.

We received the results of the scan the next day and to our enormous gratitude to Hashem we were informed that the scan has showed tremendous improvement and that the treatment, with G-d’s help, has done exactly what the doctors had intended it to do.

In other words, they are hoping for/expecting a full recovery for Moshe by the time he has finished the next 8 months of maintenance treatment.

Moshe B’H celebrated his 10th birthday at the ice-rink with friends. Last year he was not allowed to the ice rink or most other places for that matter. He had the time of his life.

He generally BH always has the time of his life in most things he does. It is a wonderful blessing. May Moshe grow to be old and grey and to be blessed with children and grandchildren who sparkle so beautifully like he does. May he take this piece of his life together with the his bright sparkle and grow to do great things. Forever. Amen.

As always Moshe is as upbeat as ever and has been a revelation to us in his beautiful ability to go with the flow and inspire all those who come into contact with him.

We thank Hashem for the beautiful news and pray that he will grant our son Moshe Yair ben Bayla Tanya a refuah shleimah (a full and complete recovery).

My we all have a strong, healthy and peaceful year.

We will continue postings as of now Bli Neder and once again thank everyone for their prayers and support of Moshe.

The Altschuler family

Ezra, Jackie, Daniel, Benji, Moshe, Akiva and Levi

Lots of new photos!

Moshe’s energy takes him racing with his brothers… wow!

Moshe just chilling in the sea. Wonderful freedom again.

Building “sand castles” in the sun.

Moshe racing on his ice skates at 10th birthday.

Moshe turns 10!!!!!!!! Mazal Tov.

Moshe back to school.  What a brocha. He is over the moon to be back with all his friends EVERY day.

Moshe enjoying the visit from Margie from Bikkur Cholim who brought him some special gifts. What wonderful chesed surrounds us. Thank you.

Moshe and his cousin Thelma Altschuler. Giving each other chizzuk at the lab. The dreaded blood test. Moshe has a finger prick while Thelma has a needle in her arm. Yak! Such brave soldiers of Hashem.

Moshe in hospital having chemo. Feeling hungry again. New favorite Corner Cafe cheesecake. Yum.